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Season 26 Free Agency Update

See You Next Tuesday...

Claudio Chavez

Fucks be damned, it looks like this league is back, which is great cuz, whatever. Means I can finally fulfil my contractional responsibilities to this league and maybe make a career at Sportsnet like the last dildo who liked to stir the pot. Yaaaaaa, whatevva.

Pot shots aside... let's discuss Free Agency.

You fucks are idiots. The lot of you couldn't handle your own dicks in a masturbation competition. Who pays $17 million for Duchene? I guess I get it, it screws everyone who has your picks, but I'd rather blow money on 19-year-old hookers than a 27 year old second fiddle...oh wait, looks like someone is dropping balls on Vanek. Always great seeing the long washed up earn GM's hard-earned cash.

Relax, I'm joking. Most of you will make the money back through revenue sharing.

Let's look at the trade market.

Look's like Dallas has made moves to build the wall in Texas. Apparently, he didn't get the message that he'll have to actually score more times than he did with his ex-wife. Relax, I'm joking. He obviously scored a couple times. Which is more than this team will with Colin Greening as his top winger.

New Jersey also appears to be dropping Leafs faster than they can drop a 3-1 lead in Boston. Should we expect him to become a Montreal fan now that his beloved bottom feeders are out of the NHL basement and replaced with the newest clusterfuck of shit? Only time will tell.

Relax, I'm joking. Just picking on the cousins cause why the fuck not?

Other than them it just looks like a bunch of picks moving here to there with a lot of whining in between. Standard shit in this league.

Welcome back CEHL. We missed the dysfunctionality.

That's my 300 and something words for this week. If I'm feeling generous, or if this league lasts more than 2 weeks without a shutdown, I'll write up some reviews.

See you next Tuesday.

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