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The Age of The Penalty

A new era of CEHL is upon us.One where tripping, hooking, diving, standing, skating and smiling are all penalties. While spinning in her grave, Lady Byng herself was awarded a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for protesting. Season prior were lucky to encounter a 300 PIM thug. Now we are like to see several 300 PIM goons annually. The flip side is, we have certainly seen many more PP opportunities and with that, more PP goals, which everyone loves. Especially the goalies.

This season has also been one of the long summer. Cottaging, partying and vacationing has dominated spare time almost indefinetly. But business at CEHL Headquarters, in Sunderland Ontario, has continued at a snail's pace, and with the deadline and cap increase looming, that business is expected to increase.

Montreal GM Josh Gordon refused to speak to CEHL Media sources this past week, when he was cornered in a dimly lit underground parking garage. Reports suggest he seemed anxious, confused and volatile.

A wave of new blood has washed over the league in the past couple seasons, as Veteran CEHL GMs will recall, this happens from time to time. The new GMs bring hope and desperation and trades to several previously thought incommunicable CEHL franchises. New rivalries are being born and old ones rekindled as E-mails are slung back and forth like stones intended to maim and degrade. It is unlikely blood will actually be shed but feelings will most certainly be hurt.

The Battle in the Eastern standings can at times best be described as a long jam. 11 Points and 9 teams are involved between 3rd and 11th place. Tampa Bay find themselves in unfamiliar territory residing at the bottom for far too long, and the once pathetic flyers, flirt for the division title, giving the former incumbents something to toss and turn over late at night.

Sabres GM Richard Painter spoke to CEHL Media sources via webcam as he remains in custody of course, at Milner Ridge Correctional Centre in Manitoba, as he awaits trial for several disorderly conduct charges. Mr Painter was animated and belligerent and needless to say the interview lasted mere moments.

The Western Conference is almost opposite with the top 8 fighting over seeding and the 9th place team trying to squeak in. Competition is fierce and those on the outside looking in will have an uphill battle.

In a recent interview, St. Louis GM Cory Williams spoke to the CEHL Media, and answered every question asked simply with the word "Alphabit" As Season 21 enters the final portion of its existence, an inevitable champion will be crowned!

Join the CEHL!

If you are interested in becoming a GM in the CEHL please feel free to contact Ryan Williams in order to get your name on the waiting list.

Thank you for your interest in the CEHL.

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