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The work stoppage has come to and end! The CEHLPA and League Brass came to an agreement late November to resume all operations and begin the process to launch Season 25. League activity had been suspended, since early 2016, after the expiration of the CBA. Both sides of the bargaining table are taking hardline stances on issues such as CEHL players attending the Olympics, rising travel costs and player safety. This has only furthered the gap between seasons.

There are many tasks at hand before the 25th Regular Season can get underway. Free agency looms, creations and a potential supplemental over 22 claim free agency are all getting underway in the coming days. After Season 25 is completed and the Cup is handed out, the new Triple Lottery Draft System is on the docket.

And last but not least, Congrats to Brodie Ellis and the Colorado Avalanche on the Season 24 win. Well done! It should be noted that Brodie Ellis is also an active player with the Dallas Stars, who didn't win much. Brodie is obviously more talented as a general manager.

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