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Streetsville, Ontario, Canada
April 29, 2015

The St.Louis Blues have been crowned champions of CEHL Season 22. They have become the 11th franchise to capture a title and the first new blood to win since season 15. This victory brings hope to all those franchises without a banner. All the old curses of CEHL have been broken and going forward, it's anyone's game.

The Offseason is the time for anxiety and rumours. One of the biggest stories to happen yet is the deconstruction in Dallas. GM Devin Decastro has pulled the plug on Dave Herr's legacy and GM Decastro has declared his intentions to be the winner of the McDavid sweepstakes. Competition for that coveted 2015 1st overall pick will be fierce as at least 5 teams will enter the season with the same goal. The element of the lottery draft will make it very interesting as all non playoff teams will have a shot to win 1st overall.

The time for free agency is almost upon us. Contracts are being updated and rerates are getting imputted into the sim. Trades will soon be processed and once that is all taken care of, the doors will open to another FA period. This season's crop of players isn't the greatest, but it is deep enough for some teams to retool and improve. Patrick Marleau and Chris Kuntiz are expecting offers in the 10 mil a season range, so don't forget to bring a briefcase stuffed with C-notes.

In other news, Roberto Luongo and Ryan Miller were guests on GM Ryan Williams` side project, the Doctor Dutch Show, where they discussed their struggles as CEHL goaltenders. Luongo admited after 5 straight game 7 losses he contemplated suicide and the meaning of life. Mr. Miller told us he hates the show Hockey Wives and hopes it gets cancelled.

And finally, a new drug is on the CEHL scene, dominating lives and free time. Affected users babble endlessly, spamming the BBM airwaves. The new craze is called Heathstone and GM Shawn Lawrence wont stand for it, calling it the single greatest threat to mankind since the concept of nuclear apocalypse.

Intrepid CEHL Journalist & Ottawa GM, Colin James March

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