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Your Season 22 All-Star Game MVP!

League News

CEHL Season 22 All-Star Game

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
January 27, 2015

Although originally scheduled to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The CEHL Season 22 All-Star game was surprisingly relocated to Calgary. When asked for a comment, Commissioner Williams declined to speak on the matter. Sources indicated that Flames GM Michael "JP" Sousa used some backroom deals and the dark motives of other CEHL GMs to get the game moved to Cowtown. Minnesota GM Jake Mednick had this to say, "We were happy to host the game initially, but when Sousa showed me how much more money I could make moving the game to Calgary on his spreadsheet, I was in! And no..there were no hookers and cocaine involved in my decision whatsoever..." The shot totals were closer than expected with the West edging the East 28 to 25. 1st period goals by Corey Perry and Niklas Kronwall put the West ahead early with a 2-0 lead. Corey Perry was assessed the games only penalty, a roughing minor, after he facewashed Bobby Ryan and appeared to be enraged. He had this to say after the game, "Bobby Ryan is a bitch, I hate that guy, he insulted my mom and I won't stand for that shit." The East was on the board in the 2nd with a goal from surprise all-star selection, Kevin Klein, the lone representative from the struggling Toronto Maple Leafs. In the 3rd period, the West cemented the victory with a nice deflection in front by Milan Lucic off a hard, low shot from Tyler Seguin. After the game, West goalie Mike Smith was named All-Star Game MVP for stopping 24 out of 25 shots. The East backup goalie was Marc-Andre Fleury and the West backup goalie was Antti Niemi. They were originally going to play but decided to sit out due to advice from their agents and fear of getting lit up by the all-stars. After the game was over, Mike Smith was extremly pleased to have been named MVP, but this is where the event took a strange turn. Smith's over-sized $1 million dollar MVP bonus cheque was missing and never presented. CEHLPI founder Steve Laundrie later posted a grainy Youtube video that showed Calgary GM Sousa and Minny GM Jake Mednick rushing into a limousine with what appeared to be the oversized cheque and a texas mickey of Weiser's. Sousa could be heard screaming, "I'm the king of the world bitches! Fuck you Vince MacMahon and fuck you Williams! To the rippers!!!". This is where the video ends. Steve Laundrie was asked to comment on this recording but declined to return our calls

Your man on the inside, James Hendrickson. Always respect a sniper, and a chess master, and especially Bob Saget

Past CEHL Smitty Cup Winners

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